When Is The Best Time To Quit Your Job?

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Is there ever a suitable time to hand in your notice and quit your job? While many of us start our day by going through the morning procedure of travelling to work and turning on our computers to be greeted with the usual batch of unanswered emails, other workers will be contemplating their next career move as they think about what the future holds for them.

Are you crazy for quitting a job?

Upon announcing that you are handing in your notice, a lot of people’s initial response may be ‘’Are you crazy!?’’ as you make the move to your next role in your career. But is it actually mad in wanting a new change of scenery and a new challenge when you have performed the same monotonous tasks for the last ten years? Well, you might not be as mad as some people think you are.

Jessica Powell was the head of PR for Google for over a decade before she one day decided to quit her high-profile job after feeling that she didn't ‘’feel in control’’ of her life after feeling unhappy for quite some time in her role. Speaking to Writer Jessi Hempel, Powell went on to explain further about her sudden career change, saying that "I felt like my identity was entirely tied to my job’’ as her job title took over her day to day interactions with people outside of the work environment.

To be happy or not to be happy?

While many of may not be in a privileged position like working for Google, a job is still a job, and at the end of the day we are all only on this planet for a cramped amount of time. So, in this instance, should the need of having a job supress our desire for happiness, or can our overall frame of mind and job title coexist in equal measure?

When weighing up her need for a job versus the need for happiness, the former Google PR said that “I don't necessarily expect that I'm going to be happy 100% or even 90% of the time. My job is a job. But is 50% the right amount? And if I leave this job where I'm happy 50% of the time, am I just going off to another thing where I'm going to be happy 50% of the time?".

Data Centre Job Says

While having a job is important to meet the demands of an everyday life, a lot of the time people become stuck in a role that for whatever reason they simply do not like. When it comes to job happiness, why can’t a worker be both happy and also enjoy their job at the same time? That is the balance that a lot of staff and colleagues strive for yet finally succumb to the motions of clocking in and clocking out of a job that meets the requirements of bills and necessaries, but which fails to deliver fulfilment and overall happiness.

Remember, a job can come and go, but we only get a few chances to be truly happy. Ask yourself the question, what is stopping you from being happy today?

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