Are We Bad At Keeping To Deadlines?

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Deadlines can be the bane of our lives and can be the difference between a constructive day and rushing on the stress of adrenaline as we race to complete to a deadline. But are we really that bad at keeping to deadlines? Well, rather than blaming laziness or procrastination, you might want to point the finger at something called the ‘planning fallacy’ instead.

What is the planning fallacy?

In a nutshell, the planning fallacy is that little quirk in the back of our minds that misleads us in thinking that we have amble time to complete a project before a deadline. But instead of giving ourselves enough time before the deadline comes to an end, we end up totally underestimating how long it will take us to complete a project and instead spend those last few crucial hours rushing around like a headless chicken as we race with all the sweat and adrenaline of an Olympic race to cross the finish line before the deadline.

How to keep to a deadline

Depending on the type of project that you are working on, the amount of work required should be accurately measured to ensure the workload can be completed before the deadline arises. The best way to precisely predict how long a project will take to complete is to compare the time taken to complete a previous project with the same lengthy and deadlines. By measuring previous projects this way, you can get a real prospective of the time you truly need to finish a job before a deadline is due.

Data Centre Jobs Says

Deadlines are all around us, and especially while working in a data centre. While it is very easy to get distracted by everything else occurring around us, the fact of the matter is that we cannot let the excuse of laziness or procrastination prevent us from finalizing a project or task before a deadline.

So, plan ahead and strategize, and most importantly, don’t underestimate how long it will take to complete a project. You know truly know how long you will need before it is too late.

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