How To Interview For A Job In A Data Centre

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Some people thrive on interviews and waltz into the hot seat, others find it a daunting time, especially when out of practice or desperate to land the job. Here are a few ideas and tips to get you in the right frame of mind.


Ensure you have read the job description and understand exactly what it is the employer requires. If you are dealing through a recruitment consultant ask them about the interviewer, the environment and their history dealing with the employer

Check out the employer’s website, google their news and business dealings try, to have a couple of facts and/or figures up your sleeve to show you have done your homework

If you are presenting, it is worth running through the presentation with a friend or partner prior to the meeting…. prepare, prepare, prepare

Interviews can often be competency based so, consider what questions you may get asked and think of some examples to demonstrate your experience

Go into the interview 100% convinced that you want the job and you are going to get the job, even if it is not your first choice.

Quite often the job you are being interviewed for becomes more interesting when you meet the employer and find out more about the role, company and development opportunities


Have you heard the saying “Dress to impress” or “First impressions count” they are as relevant today as the day they were first uttered.

Dress accordingly to the environment. Smart business attire for corporate well-established type businesses and lower key but smart look for more trendy and relaxed type businesses like digital and fintech. Knowing how to dress and the audience in whom you are dressing for is the first part of the interview process ticked off.


It can be useful to take a notepad and pen on a first interview, it shows you are interested and enables you to take notes for preparation of a second interview.

Keep eye contact, sit up straight, and think about your body language, always stay alert and look interested

This is a two-way street and whilst it is you being interviewed, make sure you fire off your questions, you need to know this is the right move for you, you need to know the direction of travel for the company and how the journey will affect your career development

Keep a couple of super questions lined up for the end of the meeting and ask the interviewer if they are happy with the meeting or are there any doubts or answers which need clarifying?

“Leave no stone unturned”

 NO NO’s

Do not be late – Allow yourself hours to get to the interview, public transport or roads can always throw up disruption or it might be your sat-nav which sends you to your previous location, this can be very embarrassing!

Stick to the truth in the interview, do not lie they always get found out

Do not put down your current employer or any of your managers or colleagues, this does not give a good impression and can leave the interviewer with more questions about you

Other than that... Go get em!

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