Should A Job Be A Passion?

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They always say that you should get paid to do something that you enjoy. And while many of us have passions that far extend outside of the workplace, for the lucky few of us that enjoy our job, our passion becomes our profession. But is having a passion as a paid occupation really a step in the right direction for your career?

Well, according to studies, sometimes its best to keep your passions and your profession completely separate and away from the daily demands of work. Jon M. Jachimowicz of Harvard Business School writes that we should actively seek passions outside of the workplace. Jachimowicz states that while pursuing a passion and turning into in a career can increase overall work engagement and job performance, it can also be both unrealistic and damaging to put so much emphasise on a passion that has become a job, and not have anything else outside of that career.

This kind of example can be seen in those who pursue a creative profession such as writing, where a passion has become a paid means of employment, and in doing so, a large part of our self-worth becomes a career rather then a passion that exists purely for pleasure and joy.

It can also be a lot more difficult to switch off during after working hours, as blurred lines and the similarities between a job and passion become intertwined. This in the long term can lead to an increase in stress, anxiety and loss of identity as your job takes precedence over your own individual needs. This can make it more strenuous when dealing with criticism of job performance and encountering potential scenarios such as redundancy when a job is so closely linked to your personality.

Data Centre Jobs Says

This report makes for some interesting reading. While we should all be encouraged to pursue a job that we enjoy, when that job is a passion it can lead to not having any kind of worth outside of that job. We should all have a life outside of our jobs, even if our jobs are our passion. Create other passions and don’t let your job define you.

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