Is Happiness The Key To Productivity?

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Happiness, that feeling of utter contentment and satisfaction. It’s a feeling that most people wish that they could have all the time, yet in the midst of the working week it’s a feeling that many of us only experience when we clock off for the weekend. So, when it comes to our lack of productivity and enthusiasm in the workplace, can being happy improve the way that we work?

According to a study by Social Market Foundation in 2015, it was discovered that if workers were happier in their place of work, they could increase their productivity by up to 20%, highlighting that happiness and an efficient work rate seemingly going hand in hand. So, when it comes to the way we work, can a happy state of mind really change our output?

Do happy workers work better?

The simplest answer to that question is, yes. If workers are happy where they work than they are more likely to produce well organized and better produced work, as opposed to feeling anxious in a workplace that compromises the state of their mental health. Nothing is worse than the feeling of being micromanaged, criticised and working for a business whose values and core principles you disagree with. A happy worker is someone who is trusted with their skill set to perform the tasks in which they were assigned, with a supportive network of people around them to encourage them along the way.

Can you be happy in work?

While many workers find themselves in jobs out of necessity, many ambitiously follow their dreams and find themselves in careers in which they are happy. And while a lot of workers may not find themselves in their ideal role, they do find themselves in a job in which the working environment, the challenges of the role and even their fellow co-workers all contribute in making a happy work environment.

How to be happy

Many organisations try to implement ‘perks’ in the workplace which often end up being nothing more than gimmicks and novelty incentives designed to give the impression that they are happy in the workplace when in reality they are miserable and unmotivated. While flexible working hours, sleeping pods, a beer fridge and even 1 day off every month does sound good on paper, ultimately, they all fail to deliver on the state of happiness required to make workers efficient and most importantly, contented in their place of work.

So, what can make a worker happy? Well, it can be a number of contributing factors, including the work environment itself, along with a pinch of positively and recognition, a good manager and work colleagues, and of course, financial stability.

Data Centre Jobs Says

We all want to be happy where we work, and if business owners and organisations had any sense, they too would want nothing more than the happiness of their staff, especially if efficient productivity is linked to a happier state of mind. Ultimately, what defines happiness is merely objective, with many routes to the path of contentment for those who seek it. If you find yourself not feeling happy in where you work, maybe it’s time you start by putting your happiness first.

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