Data Centre Industry to Add 1,800+ Jobs To Irish Economy In Next 12 Month

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

In a pretty unexpected 2020 which has seen financial misery and a pandemic cripple nations, one industry that has adapted to the uncertainty that is COVID-19 has been the data centre industry due to the increased demand for digital infrastructure and reliance on cloud based systems created by the deadly virus.

A country that has seen just over 36,000 cases of coronavirus and has now officially entered recession as a result is Ireland, which has seen almost 2000 deaths since the start of the outbreak in March.

But while the country’s domestic and tourism industry may have taken a hit as the population continues to operate under restrictions, an industry that has gone from strength to strength during the lockdown has been the data centre industry, with job growth looking to continue into the new year.

Reported in Irish Tech News, a new survey from Host in Ireland indicates 96% of data centre ecosystem companies are optimistic about business outlook despite pandemic.

That optimism was further backed up by Anthony McDermott, director and co-founder of construction consultants Mitchell McDermott who went on to share the same enthusiasm for job growth post COVID.

“We expect to see CAPEX spend for Irish data centres reduced by only 0-5% due to COVID-19 in 2020. This compares very favourably to some sectors in the construction industry which will see larger decreases.”

“The role of the data centre in keeping our economy moving in the last few months has reinforced the critical nature of our industry. We have a real opportunity to attract, develop and retain new talent as we look to keep pace with the growing business demand,” said Hannah Ormondroyd, Head of People, Data Centre Solutions, CBRE. “There is also the possibility we can help recently furloughed employees find a new home and transfer their skill sets to a new industry.”

“Data centres are the digital factories of today and have been one of the few completely open for business during the pandemic. As significant portions of our lives shifted to an online world, the industry has felt a great sense of purpose as essential workers being on the digital frontline,” said Garry Connolly, president and founder of Host in Ireland. “The positive outlook and enthusiasm are understandable. When you take that, plus the renewable energy resources Ireland has at its disposal, there is a real opportunity to build and maintain Ireland’s leading position in the global digital datasphere.”

Data Centre Jobs Says

With many businesses struggling in the wake of the COVID pandemic such as the hospitality industry, it is reinsuring for job seekers and those trained in the IT trade that data centres will still be creating jobs for Data Engineers and Cloud Architects. In an uncertain and increasingly unpredictable economy as many sectors battle with coronavirus restrictions, the data centre industry continues to show signs of long-term growth and stability in the job market.