How To Get A Job As A Data Centre Operator

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In a world of high-risk information and concerns of online privacy and fraudulent activity – data centres are more vital than ever before in ensuring a company or businesses computer system are effectively run and secured. But what exactly is a data centre and how do they impact the successful operations of a business. And when it comes to the management of these data centres, who are the people in the background behind the machines?

What is a data centre?

Most businesses and tech-start-ups rely on technology to provide a service to customers. Modern-day features such as email, social media, digital platforms and ordering goods online require fast and reliable IT operations so that a business may provide these services to consumers. But where are such critical applications and data stored? This is what is called a data centre and is the physical facility that organisations use to house the most vital computer systems that are crucial in the operations of their business. By outsourcing their data assets to data centres, businesses can save time and resources while safe in the knowledge that experts are on hand to maintain competence and efficiency.

Who is responsible for the management of a data centre?

While modern-day computers and technology are sophisticated and purpose-built, they also require personalised expertise and daily maintenance to ensure network servers are running smoothly, this is where data centre management come into play. A Data Centre Operator, also known as a Network Technician or Data Centre Technician is vital in the safeguarding and maintenance of data centre systems and can include several key responsibilities, including, identifying, logging, and reporting issues to senior management, as well as providing overall support services for data and systems within the data centre.   

With constant advancing developments in technology, it is also vital that operators research and keep up to date to identify the latest trends in data centres to ensure best practices are being followed.

What skills do I need to work as a Data Centre Operator in a data centre?

Working in a data centre requires a huge amount of responsibility with key workers expected to be efficient and knowledgeable in the maintenance of computer systems and network equipment. Equipped with excellent analytical and problem-solving skills along with solid written and verbal communication skills, those working within a data centre will be expected to work around the clock and often on a shift rota to ensure network servers are running steadily at all times.

A data centre operator needs a minimum of an associate degree in information technology, computer science or systems analysis. Ideally, they should also be familiar with TCP/IP and Active Directory and have extensive engineering systems technology knowledge and know-how to use computers to resolve engineering issues.

How much can I earn as a Data Centre Operator in a data centre?

The average salary for a Data Centre Operator is £37,623 per year depending on previous experience.

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