Do We Really Need Managers In Data Centres?

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When it comes to data centres, do we really need a managerial presence lurching over us as we attempt to get on with our job? Managers can either be a great tool or a great distraction, but in 2020, are managers still necessary?

According to Adam Bryant, Managing Director of Merryck & Co, the role of manager is ‘outdated’ and associated with negative connotations, and instead should be changed to the broader term of ‘coach’ as to not create an obvious structure of hierarchy which can be both intimidating and unmotivational for staff.

Coach Vs Manager

Replacing managers with the more supportive title of coach encourages a more ‘level playing field’ within a company, with the person assigned the title of coach operating with a team rather than leading it, while also being a position of support and encouragement as opposed to micromanagement and reporting.

Instead, a coach can help develop the skillset and productivity of staff by providing training and guidance, as well encouraging a more ‘team effort’ approach to work and tasks as opposed to working just for the appeasement of management which can leave staff feeling devalued.

Getting the job done

Staff are now taking on full responsibility for their assigned tasks and duties, with the position of manager beginning to be phased out from the work structure altogether. Although managers were once a necessity for businesses in ensuring that performance from staff was measured and matched with company expectations, as roles have progressed with the rise of start-up companies and entrepreneurs relying on smaller teams with specific expertise and skills, staff have seen responsibilities shared evenly and the overall expectation of completion of tasks placed solely on them.

Data Centre Jobs says

We all want a little bit of support and positivity in the workplace, even in a data centre where most workers are seasoned professionals. While a manager may not necessarily be the first person you would turn to when in need of advice, a coach is certainly someone with the ability to motivate and to inspire. And when it comes to working in a team, sometimes a little of encouragement is all that we really need.

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